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Snakes of Eve, Book 1, Snakes Trilogy, coming soon!



I won’t deny ambition got me into this mess. If public opinion thinks that’s greedy, I’ll be a villain. If people decide it’s industrious, I’ll be an American heroine.

“Whatever you sow, you shall reap,” the Bible says, and I earned a televised panel of highly educated and well-dressed men analyzing my plight. I'm not surprised they’re painting an ugly picture. Respectable men tend to label me “complicated” then brand me “easy.” But people like easy labels for complicated things. It's why no one wants my tale going public, especially the Revolutionary Men’s Brigade—a viperous all-male society that was a secret until Savannah made them headline news. Only America’s wealthiest men are members, and deep pockets buy a lot of revenge. It's why I should keep quiet, let them use me as their scapegoat. Bad behavior from ambitious women is expected, but this time, my side of the story will be told. 


It starts with Snakes of Eve, Book 1, in the Snakes Trilogy.

SNAKES TRILOGY:  Snakes of Eve      Snakes of Jezebel      Snakes of Lillith



Having entered the tech field in the1980s, I worked in Silicon Valley when females were administrators or receptionists but rarely decision-makers. Like Savannah, Snakes of Eve's determined protagonist, I dealt with the "corporate boys club." Though Savannah's path is far more precarious than mine was, parts are still based in reality.

1990s Trivia

1990s Trivia 


Name the infamous haircut inspired by a "Must See TV" sitcom.

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Answer: "The Rachel" worn by Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends.

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